About Lasair Dhearg

Lasair Dhearg is a developing movement formed from a collective of community and political activists. It aims to promote and propagate the radicalisation of our communities.

Lasair Dhearg’s primary concern is the economic liberation of the Irish working class, and the establishment of a 32 County Democratic Socialist Republic built upon the principles of the Proclamation of the Irish Republic of 1916 and the Democratic Programme of the first Dáil Éireann. We believe that Irish sovereignty, equality for all and the economic liberation of the Irish people, can only become a reality upon the establishment of a People’s Republic where all power and economic control is bestowed upon committees of the working class.

Our single aim is the eventual establishment of those same committees within our communities, and, in time, the eventual transfer of state power and economic democracy to those bodies, as the basis for a new Worker’s Republic.