Our Manifesto

Lasair Dhearg is a movement formed from a collective of community and political activists. It aims to promote and propagate the radicalisation of our communities.

Lasair Dhearg’s primary concern is the economic liberation of the Irish working class, and the establishment of a 32 County Democratic Socialist Republic built upon the principles of the Proclamation of the Irish Republic of 1916 and the Democratic Programme of the first Dáil Éireann. We believe that Irish sovereignty, equality for all and the economic liberation of the Irish people, can only become a reality upon the establishment of a People’s Republic where all power and economic control is bestowed upon committees of the working class.

Our single aim is the eventual establishment of those same committees within our communities, and, in time, the eventual transfer of state power and economic democracy to those bodies, as the basis for a new Worker’s Republic.

We demand economic democracy.

We believe that the neo-classical economic model enforced by the current state institutions serves only to enrich those who hold the levers of economic power. That this can only be resolved through a radical shift in economic policy, where the primary motive of economic trade and investment is no longer about ‘profit’ but ‘provision’. That such a shift ensures democratic economic control for the people of Ireland.

We demand a national housing system, fit for purpose.

We believe that a home is a human right, and not a tool of exploitation for capital. That all families are entitled to their own home, with guaranteed security of tenure. That a state funded housing programme is the only solution to achieve this.

We demand the right to employment.

We believe that everyone regardless of race, age, gender or ability has the right to access employment for their own enrichment and/or the enrichment of their community. That where such employment is not accessible, the state is required to provide that enrichment and ensure a good quality of life through other means.

We demand free healthcare for all.

We believe that access to good quality health care is a human right. That such care should be provided via a publicly funded health system, free at the point of use. That the exploitation of any health service for the purpose of producing capital is immoral and unjust.

We demand the re-conquest of the native language

We believe that the Irish language is an integral part of the Irish nation. That the re-conquest of Ireland will not be complete until the Irish language and Irish culture are provided their proper place as an integral part of the Irish nation.

We demand an end to Imperialism in Ireland.

We believe that imperialism in Ireland is an impediment to the creation of a 32 County Democratic Workers Republic, where all of the nations’ resources are applied for the betterment of all its people. That economic and fiscal imperialism must cease as part of the creation of a new Republic. That the right of the Irish people to defend itself from economic or geographic exploitation is a fundamental right.

We demand the right to bodily autonomy.

 We believe that the individual should have full autonomy over their own body. That all healthcare decisions related to life, death, gender, reproductivity or other, are for the individual to decide, and that these decisions are supported through a national health service.

We demand an end to political policing and injustice.

 We believe that the policing and justice systems in Ireland today are corrupt, and serve the interests of capital. That Justice and Policing must serve the needs and rights of the people in a restorative manner. That pending the release of all political prisoners, those prisoners are ensured their rights.

We demand free and accessible education for all.

We believe that access to the highest standards of education is a human right. That education at all levels be available to citizens of all ages via a publicly funded education system. That the exploitation of any part of the education system for the purpose of producing capital is immoral and unjust.

We demand an end to resource exploitation and environmental destruction.

We believe that all of Ireland’s’ resources belong to all its people, not to corporation’s intent on reaping as much profits as possible. And that all natural resources, derived from land or sea, be put to use for the betterment of all of Ireland’s citizens. We believe that global warming and the continued destruction of our environment is primarily driven by a world-wide economic system concerned with the pursuit of profit. That so long as neo-classical economic systems exist, so will the destruction of our greatest resource, our planet and its people.